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We will offer you consulting

If you are indeed to establish a company and you have a specific product or service with its advancement and a problem occurs in a place and you are not able to define it or deal with it in a way or even to skip it … whatever its type and location, we are able to offer you sufficient support, advice and assistance to identify and skip it or rethink how to formulate it in some way … Or if even the current segment of the city is saturated or has a place where the increase is accepted.

We will offer you consulting

If you are a new company and have a specific value that is required to be delivered to the customer here, then our role is that we base the topic from its inception on the most important thing, which is building a sustainable relationship with the customer, not just the goal of selling and salvation without any controls.

This will be through some of the foundations and steps that we will walk on:

In this step, we study the market well, and we define the customer’s needs and requirements, and based on it, we can tell you that the product you have will reach to any two thousand and whether what you will do is actually required and does not need a specific increase or something else so that it does not cause stagnation or meet with a specific loss and cause a crisisThis will be by collecting data, information and research in many ways with the best specialistsAnd according to which I start to form, as a company, I have promises to the customer, demands that I fulfill in the next steps.

And here it remains to work in two stages:

The first is Selecting and by defining the particular segment that you will work on based on many matters and differences that are studied and defined, and can be discussed with you and according to the needs.

The second is the value proposition

In its atmosphere, we begin to determine the differentiation of yours from others and the competitive advantages that distinguish you and the customer has abandoned you from others.

Clarify who you are? Brand

  • What do you offering?
  • How are differentiation?
  • Why should they believe you?

In this step, we pass 4p’s

  1. Product

  2. Price

  3. Promotion

  4. Place

Here, we have reached the important stage, which is building a profitable relationship for you, and at the same time we can make the customer happy and meet his comprehensive requirements before sales and after, and provide easy and smooth systems for how to communicate continuously and maintain this relationship.

We estimate that this step is the goal of the marketing process That is, obtaining value from customers to achieve profits and the rights of customers, which will be in return for achieving the customer’s need, desire and demand.